Annual Class G Licensing

The Florida Class G Statewide Firearm License 4- hour renewal course will refresh student’s skills in marksmanship fundamentals, loading and unloading, the 4-step draw and clearing malfunctions. The course will also requalify students' G license by also reviewing Florida Statutes 493, 776,790.

The State of Florida requires all armed security and armed private investigators to qualify annually to maintain their Class “G” Statewide Firearm License.

You can enroll

  • Online

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  • In Person

Frequently Asked Questions

Class G Renewal FAQs

What are the requirements

Must currently posses a Class G Statewide Firearm License

Course Objective

Completion of the Armed G Recertification training will prepare students ensuring compliance with Florida Statutes 493, 776,790.

How long is the class G renewal course?

4 classroom hours.

Is there study guide for the course?

Yes as shown below Chapter 493, 775, 776, 790 Florida Statutes and Chapter 5N-1, Florida Administrative Code Legal Issues & Liability Firearms Safety Marksmanship Fundamentals Firearms Mechanics Weapon Malfunctions 4-Step Draw Weapons Cleaning Range Qualification

How much is the renewal for class G licensing?

Please call for price/ Discount may sometime applied

Is the requirements for the equipment the same as getting the initial G license?

yes. No Ammunition allowed in Classroom, RANGE ONLY! No open shoes. Sneakers or boots only Long pants with strong belt – (i.e. jeans, duty or tactical pants) – *NO SHORTS OR SWEAT PANTS ALLOWED* Crew neck t-shirt, dress or polo shirt – *NO TANK TOPS OR LOW CUT SHIRTS ALLOWED* If you wear glasses please bring them to class Firearm (Available for rent) If you bring your own firearm you MUST have a min. of 3x Magazines (Semi-Auto) or 3x 6 Round Speedloaders (Revolver)