Concealed Weapons Permit Course

This course set up with a classroom lecture, video & exam. All students must go to the firearms range and safely discharge a firearm in the presence of the firearms instructor. All students must attend the range training. Your fingerprints, passport pictures, and notary are required to submit your application to the State of Florida. The concealed weapon permit issued in Florida is good in 34 States and valid for 7 years. All instructors are certified NRA instructors.

Completion of course provides.

  •   a Certificate of Completion 

  • Applications are to be submitted to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing.

  • The Division of Licensing requires that you must pay $55 for initial license and $42 for a background check. New Applicants fee $22

 Once issued Class “W” License will be valid for 7 years.

You can enroll

  • Online

  • Phone

  • In Person

Frequently asked questions

Chassis - Tubular Backbone

Developed for road and track use, the backbone design cloaks the power train and accurately locates the suspension for excellent power delivery with positive and precise control. Designed for huge V8 power the chassis always feel taut and responsive when pushed to the limit.

Body shell - GRP Semi-Monocoque

Quite unlike conventional body shells the GD body shell is a one-piece rigid semi-monocoque (tub) design with double skin mouldings. A composite construction made of glass fibre reinforced plastic with critical areas strengthened with advanced woven glass materials. The tub rigidity is enhanced with front and rear bulkheads, engine bay, foot-wells, transmission tunnel and all inner mouldings as an integral part of the structure. Further occupancy protection is gained by injecting energy absorbing polyurethane foam into the body sides and the use of sliding anti-intrusion beams within the doors. The body tub is insulated from the chassis with anti-vibration mounts adding further comfort and longevity.

Suspension - Double Wishbone

The chassis features independent double wishbone suspension with aircraft grade alloy uprights. Compared to conventional designs the suspension offers lighter unsprung weight and provides better camber control with adjustment for static camber, caster and toe-in settings. The suspension design gives the GD unrivalled levels of road holding and ride quality.

Spring Dampening - Adjustable Coil Over

Alloy bodied shock absorbers are fitted with coil springs rated for intend use. The units are adjustable for damping resistance and ride height changes.

Engine - All alloy GM LS V8

The GM Gen3/4 LS range of V8 engines have been installed in Gardner Douglas cars since 2001. We regard them as the best choice for power/weight with smooth drivability and offer better fuel economy, reliability and lower service costs. Today’s standard fitment is the 6.2Ltr LS3 or optional 7.0Ltr LS7.

Transmission - 5 or 6 speed H Gate

Tremec TKO 600 close ratio 5 speed or T56 and Magnum 6 speed

Differential - LSD 3.23:1 - 3.45:1

BTR Hydrotrack speed sensitive limited slip differential provides awesome traction and neutral handling.

Brakes - Dual circuit with Bias

Brakes are dual circuit with ventilated discs as standard with AP racing 4 pot front calipers.

Wheels - 15" to 18" 3-piece

Wheels are offered in several sizes to suit preferred aesthetics and driving style. Typically 8.5×18 front and 10×18 rear. Optional classic peg drive.

High performance tyres - sizes vary

Example : Michilen pilot Supersport 245/40/18 F, 275/40/18 R tyres offer good all round performance. Optional track day compounds.

Steering - Rack and Pinion 2.4:1 or 2.9:1

An optional quick rack is available.

Fuel Tank - 50ltr stainless steel

Stainless steel construction. For safety the fuel tank is mounted between the rear axles. The upright design serves to minimise fuel surge.


Wheelbase: 2286mm (90″)
Width: 1775mm
Height: 1140mm

Weight - Typically 1000kg kerb

Lighter and stiffer than the original cars makes the Mk4 more agile and far quicker.

Power - From 430-650bhp

Crate LS3 starts at 430bhp, with tuned options available between up to the LS7 with 650bhp – but that’s mental!

Performance capabilities

0-60mph 3.1 secs, top speed 160+mph Recorded figures for Mk4 with 400bhp LS2.

Additional options

Individual FBW throttle bodies Weather equipemnt: Tonneau covers, folding mohair hood, detatchable hard top Heated seats Glove box with USB charge points ECU controlled emobiliser Traction control EPAS

Exhaust system

Full stainless steel exhaust with high flow cats available as underslung rear exit or side exit. Optional ceramic coatings.

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