Concealed Weapons Permit Course

This course set up with a classroom lecture, video & exam. All students must go to the firearms range and safely discharge a firearm in the presence of the firearms instructor. All students must attend the range training. Your fingerprints, passport pictures, and notary are required to submit your application to the State of Florida. The concealed weapon permit issued in Florida is good in 34 States and valid for 7 years. All instructors are certified NRA instructors.

Completion of course provides.

  •   a Certificate of Completion 

  • Applications are to be submitted to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Licensing.

  • The Division of Licensing requires that you must pay $55 for initial license and $42 for a background check. New Applicants fee $22

 Once issued Class “W” License will be valid for 7 years.

You can enroll

  • Online

  • Phone

  • In Person

Frequently asked questions

CWC permit FAQs

What are the requirements for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Licensing classification of a class D officer?

The applicant must be 21 years or older. The applicant is required 4 hours of training with a certified NRA Instructor. The applicant is required to take firearms training. The applicant is required target training and handgun marksmanship. The applicant is required ammunition training and firearms care. The applicant must have no record of any substance abuse

How long is concealed weapons course?

4 hours

What will be covered in the permit course?

firearms training target training and handgun marksmanship ammunition training and firearms care application help

How much is the permit course?

$99.99 including passport picture and notary

Equipment for CWP Course Qualification

  • No Ammunition allowed in Classroom, RANGE ONLY!
  • No open shoes. Sneakers or boots
  • only Long pants with strong belt – (i.e. jeans, duty or tactical pants) *NO SHORTS OR SWEAT PANTS ALLOWED*
  • Crew neck t-shirt, dress or polo shirt – *NO TANK TOPS OR LOW CUT SHIRTS ALLOWED*
  • If you wear glasses please bring them to class
  • Firearm (Available for rent) If you bring your own firearm you MUST have a min. of 3x Magazines (Semi-Auto) or 3x 6 Round Speedloaders (Revolver)
  • Notebook & Writing Materials